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From the Pastor

A message from Pastor Jim on this Sunday's sermon...

Finding Peace in a High Anxiety World

The sermon for this Sunday is about anxiety, worry, fear, and stress. Now stress is not necessarily a bad thing. We are meant to have some measure of stress in our lives. Dr. Paul Roche was the President of the American Institute of Stress. He noted that increased stress increases productivity, but only up to a point. After that point, things rapidly deteriorate. That level of stress differs for each of us. This is an important point. The things that stress me out may not stress you out. The things that stress you out may not stress me out


When you have more demands than you have energy, you become stressed out.

You know what it feels like to be stressed out. Some people experience stress by their leg jerking. They feel nervous. The muscles in their body start to tighten. They feel like they can’t breathe. Some people may have heart palpitations. They may have chest pain or feel like they are going to pass out. For other people, their stomach ties up in knots. They begin to lose sleep. They are exhausted the next day which causes them to be even more stressed out.


What is the answer to anxiety, worry, fear, and stress? Here it is - in three words: trust in God. Join us this Sunday as we learn how we can trust in God. When we trust in God, he delivers us from our fears.


Finding peace with you,


Pastor Jim

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